The Psycho She Met Online

When Paramedic Karen arrives on the scene of a major car crash, she’s stunned that one of the drivers is her husband! For the next few weeks she’ll have to take care of him and both will be out of work for some time. They decide to rent two rooms of their house to make […]

Ring of Deception

Inspired by true events. Julie Stevens’ life is turned upside-down when Martin moves to her neighborhood.  As Julie begins to fall for his charms, another woman is determined to kill him for breaking her heart — and her bank account.  When the other woman catches Julie in Martin’s arms, she’s determined to kill them both!

The Wrong Babysitter

Single mom Susan has to go out of town but a recent kidnapping has her worried about leaving her teen daughter Christy alone.  Susan is relieved when neighbor Teri offers to babysit, but then Christy goes missing, and Susan suspects Teri of both Christy’s absence, and her husband’s death a year ago.

Mommy’s Little Secrets

Ten-year-old Eric has had enough of being bullied.  And now that he’s found the “perfect family,” they’re going to adopt him whether they like it or not!