My Baby Gone

Inspired by true events. Based on Pregnant Emily bonds quickly with her pregnant neighbor Kelly, but Kelly is faking it and plans to steal Emily’s baby.

The Perfect Soulmate

Sarah Miles, desperate to escape her abusive husband, reaches out to a new friend she meets online, only to discover he’s an even more dangerous companion.

Girlfriend Killer

Carmen creates the perfect marriage proposals for wealthy men, until she becomes the target of a crazy client’s obsession when she shows him compassion after his girlfriend publicly rejects him. Not all marriage proposals end as planned!

Killer Mom

When Jessica is left penniless by her scheming husband, she sets her sights on the millions of dollars her daughter Allison, whom she gave up as a baby, will inherit. While Allison welcomes her birth mother into her life, Jessica’s sister Sydni and guardian Manny aren’t so easy to win over. Unfortunately for them both, […]