Dying for the Crown

Isabelle attends her 20th high school reunion only to come face to face with Andrea, a former classmate who attacked Isabelle in a jealous craze when she was named Prom Queen.  But now Andrea appears to be a changed woman who proves helpful to Isabelle’s business and bonds with Isabelle’s daughter.  But the “new” Andrea […]

Killer on the Island

While on a dream vacation with her husband, a woman becomes a target after she starts to suspect one of the island’s locals may have committed multiple murders… and is ready to strike again!

A Friend’s Obsession

Inspired by true events. When Megan’s fiancé is brutally killed, she moves cross-country to rebuild her life.  She’s followed months later by former co-worker Lloyd and when they meet up “by chance,” he still wants to escape the friend zone and become much more. When he learns Megan has a new boyfriend, Lloyd figures he’ll […]

Abduction of Angie

Paramedic Miranda faces an emergency of her own when her 8-year-old daughter Angie is kidnapped by Miranda’s estranged father Luke.  While Angie is never in physical danger, Luke is dangerous to others, and has killed in the past. He’s now ready to do anything to reunite his family. Miranda gives chase, and uncovers secrets from […]