Deadly Patient

When Dr. Hillary Spenser saves the life of Gregory Lipton, he becomes dangerously obsessed with her, threatening the good doctor and all those in her life.

Her Boyfriend’s Secret

Renowned interior designer Melissa is drawn into a relationship with a man who has a secret life — another wife and family.  She soon meets another innocent victim and learns her man is more than duplicitous, he’s a killer!

Watching Over You

Single mom Sarah moves into the suburbs and starts dating a firefighter, only to find herself the target of an obsessive neighborhood watchman who aims to prove he’s the best man to protect her… even if he has to create the danger himself.

Eve of Abduction

When single mom Stephanie gets engaged to single dad Jameson she receives an anonymous stalker’s threat: “Break off the engagement or I’ll kidnap your daughter!” The threats continue and her daughter is taken, but Stephanie will learn the kidnapper is really on her side, and trying to warn her of an even greater danger…