Since her divorce, Gwen and her teenage daughter Maddie make a great team and tell each other everything. It’s Maddie’s senior year and she’s excited to be reunited with her besties Kelly and Lacey again. Eager to be the coolest girls at school, the perfect way to gain instant popularity is posting selfies! When one […]

A Killer in My Home

Allison Winters’ perfect world falls apart when her husband dies of a sudden heart attack. What she wasn’t expecting was him to announce on his deathbed that he has a secret family… Six months later Jenna and her teenage son Joshua arrive on Allison’s doorstep, they’re determined to be a part of her and daughter […]

The Daughter Stalker

After the death of her estranged sister Nikki, with whom she’d hadn’t seen since they were separated in foster care, Carly is surprised to learn that she is named in Nikki’s will as guardian of her adopted daughter Mallie. Upon moving across the country to honor her sister’s wishes, Carly quickly realizes that not only […]

Mommy Would Never Hurt You

Riley wants nothing more than to rebuild her estranged relationship with her mother and little sister, who are shut-ins due to her sister’s illness. But when Riley realizes her sister may not actually be as sick as she appears, Riley’s mother catches on, stopping at nothing to keep her daughters with her forever.