Team Bride

Hardworking and dedicated seamstress, Hannah McKenzie, runs a side business making bespoke wedding dresses when she’s not busy with her day job at renowned bridal salon, Millington’s. Her operation is soon threatened, however, when Will Millington, heir to the bridal empire, comes in looking to revamp the brand. Along the way, the two manage to sort out their differences, work together and perhaps even fall in love…

Candid About Love

Laura, a gallery assistant and wannabe fine art photographer, is finally promised a spot in a Newcomer’s Showcase – but only if she can get a reclusive artist, Shane, to premiere his newest photographs at the gallery. When Laura discovers that Shane hasn’t taken a new photo in ten years, she’s determined to help him find his way back to his art whether he wants her to or not.

The Wedding in the Hamptons

An aspiring fashion designer gets her chance to debut at a lavish Hamptons wedding where she is mistaken for a socialite and falls for a groomsman. Their love story could fall apart when she is exposed as a fraud.

Zoe’s Having a Baby

Zoe Cain wants a baby. Single, and tired of the saturated NYC dating scene, she decides to go it alone. Using an anonymous sperm donor, the chances are slim but Zoe quickly becomes pregnant. She is elated but things get more than complicated when not one, but two eligible bachelors walk into her life…

The Love Gala

When Kate is given the job of planning her mom’s Garden Gala, the biggest fashion event of the year, she has to compromise with the unhelpful head of the Botanical Garden. Juggling this combative relationship as well as trying to please her mom, the last thing she needs is to be challenged by not one, not two, but three love interests as well!

Me and Mr. Right

When popular love and relationship podcaster and future author, Nikki Parsons is dumped by her boyfriend the day before she meets her new publisher, she has to think fast. She enlists her irritatingly handsome neighbor to pose as her boyfriend for a weekend of mingling with the literary elite.

A Town Called Love

Emma needs to prove herself to her boss Jenna, of Jenna’s Journeys – the famous series of travel books. But when she butts heads with the mayor’s son Riley on a mission to scout out a town called Love, she decides to impersonate Jenna to teach him a lesson. On a mission to debunk the myths of the town for a place in Jenna’s new book, can Emma find love in a town called Love?

The Boyfriend Trap

Identical twins Alice and Lacey are mistaken for each other by Alice’s handsome boss and Lacey’s business partner on a retreat to Trinidad and Tobago. With too much at stake for both to reveal the mix-up, they decide to go with it just for the trip. But as each other’s fresh perspectives and personalities begin to lead to unexpected romance, they find that they may have been wrong about who and what they needed in their lives all along.

Loving Every Minute

Stephanie has always felt like she’s been a few minutes away from a major success in her personal and professional lives. When she inherits a watch from an aunt she never met, she’s intrigued to learn that it allows her to travel back in time five minutes, once a day. But as she uses it more and more, her life, and budding romance with her coworker Hunter, doesn’t shake out the way she hoped.