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Toxic Skies (aka Chem Trail)

As a deadly pandemic spreads across Seattle, the military quarantine the city. Tess Rogers fights to break out with the cure before it's too late.


TV Movie




Anne Heche, James Tupper, Barclay Hope




90 mins


For years the government has been involved in a secret operation involving contrails, the white lines of condensed water vapour that jets leave in the sky. The contrails are actually a toxic substance deliberately sprayed on an unsuspecting populace in order to "weed out the old and the sick" . Suddenly Seattle's hospitals begin filling up with an enormous amount of patients suffering from a deadly sickness. When TESS ROGERS discovers that the virus may have come from the vapour trails of jets, she sets out to investigate. But before long, the virus spreads like wildfire and becomes an epidemic. The President has declared a national emergency and quarantined all of Seattle -- nobody is allowed out, and nobody is allowed in. When the President passes a bill allowing the use of military force to keep Seattle from spreading the virus, it's up to Tess to find a way to break free of the city in order to find a way to a cure and expose the government's practice of infecting jet streams with viruses.