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How the Fiddle Flows

How the Fiddle Flows is a beautifully illustrated musical journey which takes us up the great river systems of Canada as it documents the rich traditions of Métis fiddling and step dancing, and explores the question of what it means to be Métis. Lively, inspiring and passionate, How the Fiddle Flows will put wings on your feet!


TV Movie



Gerald Auger, Tantoo Cardinal (narrator)




48 mins


It's high summer in southern Saskatchewan and a rollicking tune fills the night. Four master Metis fiddlers play to the tapping toes of a lively crowd. How the Fiddle Flows follows Canada's great rivers west along the fur-trading route of the early Europeans. The newcomers introduced the fiddle to the Aboriginal people they intermarried with along the way. A generation later, their mixed-blood offspring would blend European folk tunes with First Nations rhythms to create a rich and distinct musical tradition. From the Gaspé Peninsula, north to Hudson Bay and to the Prairies, How the Fiddle Flows reveals how a distinctive Metis identity and culture were shaped over time. Featuring soaring performances by some of Canada's best known fiddlers and step dancers and narrated by award-winning actress Tantoo Cardinal.