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Deadly Daughters (aka Killing Mommy)

Eve has 24-year-old twin daughters... Julianna has her act together! Close to her mom, good student, popular, ambitious, she's on her way to a successful career and a happy life! Deborah on the other hand is a very rebellious girl, reeling from the sudden death of her dad 4 years ago. She's battling addictions and depression. When Eve announces major changes in her life, she has no idea what a maelstrom of upheaval she is unleashing... One that may lead to Killing Mommy!


TV Movie




Yvonne Zima, Claire Rankin, Rob Stewart




90 mins


Julia and Deborah Hansen are twins, but they couldn’t be more different. And the divide between the twins has grown worse since the tragic death of their father four years ago. Julia is a bubbly college student with expensive tastes. Deborah is an ex-drug addict with legal issues a mile long. Julia relies on her mother’s wealth to facilitate her lavish lifestyle. Deborah refuses all aid and avoids her family when possible. They are the light and dark reflection of one another … Now, on the night of their 25th birthday, their mother, Eve, announces her engagement to her new boyfriend, Winston. There are many sweeping changes ahead for the Hansen family, including the sale of their beloved family estate. These changes don’t sit well with Deborah … Soon Eve is being harassed by her troubled daughter – vandalism, threats to her happiness, even threats to her life. Eve and Julia join forces to try and talk some sense into the increasingly un-hinged Deborah, but she has gone into hiding. As Deb’s mental state becomes more distraught, the danger grows. Once evidence of Deborah’s relapse leads to the discovery of her boyfriend’s murdered body, Eve and Julia realize just how serious Deborah’s campaign of terror is. Julia is the only hope to save her mother from her sister’s deadly scheme … But the plan for KILLING MOMMY may be more insidious than anyone could imagine.